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What's the Deal with Me?

So here I am again at the beginning of the month. I get such guilt over not updating that I at least get motivated to write at the start of every month. Of course, you can see that I haven't been totally lax in regards to this website. I have made yet another update to the layout. I think part of my reluctence to write (beside pure laziness) is that I hate to come to this site when it looks less that how I want it to. But really, isn't this just another excuse in a long line of excuses? I mean "my desk is in disarray"? C'mon... Anyway, I'm sure that I'll be updating like made now. Uh-huh. Anyway, I'll going to check to see whether all these links work.

In the coming days, you're read about the following:

The British Open

The operation that wasn't

Rants about my kids.