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You may have noticed that I have been incredibly lax about updating this journal lately. I go through fits and spurts of updating regularly. The only time I felt truly successful in updating was when I made the promise. The promise was a public declaration that I would have an entry for every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And I was relatively successful (except for that nasty spell in August when I got Grand Theft Auto III).

So I figure, why not do that again? I can do it. Except that the promise isn't for the summer, it's for 2003. That's right, every day this year. 365 entries. Ambitious? Definately. Stupid? Probably.

I'll use the same ground rules as before. The site may not be updated everyday, but there will be an entry for every day, even if I have to catch up 8 or 10 days at a time. And I reserve the right to simply put up a couple of pictures or simply a blurb saying Hey, I got nothing today. Under my rules, that pathetic line would count as an entry. I will try not to do that very often. That being said, you can now come back here everyday and expect some pithy comments about the world we live in. I'd like to point out how much I like the word "pithy". It's just a fun word.

While we're on the topic of this journal, I'd like to point out that I started this for real exactly two years ago today.