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I got this really cool calendar this week. You know when you have gift certificates for a store and you have to do the Price Is Right thing? Your pick out the things you want while keeping a running total in your head. After you've got the things you want, you start walking around the store looking for things that will bring your total up to (but NOT over) the amount of the gift certificate(s). And it doesn't matter if the things you're picking out are crap, just as long as they have the right price. Well, anyway, I was using my Barnes and Nobel gift certificates and had that upper dollar limit to fill. A really cool calendar caught my eye on the post New Year, half-price table. So I "bought" it. I was going to scan some of the cooler pages to put up here. But my scanner sucks (have I mentioned this?). I spent all night trying to get it to work instead of actually writing something for you to read. So who really loses out here? That's right, you the reader. So if you want to insure that this doesn't happen again, please send me a new scanner.