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Server crisis abated. I've got my substitute server in hand now. Not actually "in hand". Servers can be frightfully heavy. But it's on the back of my truck which is good enough. Although, I may bring it in the house tonight. It is going to be amazingly frigid here tonight. As it has been the past few days and is supposed to continue until the end of the week. Cold weather can make computer components do wacky things.

I think I have to cut back on the caffine. I don't drink coffee. Ever. I can't get past the smell. But I can chug Diet Coke like it's nobody's business. And it really isn't anyone's business. But here I am publicizing my Diat Coke addiction on this here website. But I'm starting to have some wacky side effects that I really don't like.

I like the whole business of not needed a lot of sleep. I really enjoy only needing 5 - 6 hours of sleep a night. I can stay up late into the night not updating this journal. Actually when I put it in those terms, it is even more pathetic how much time I waste during the day given how many waking hours fit into my day. But tonight I need to go to bed early because I have to get up at 4 AM tomorrow to drive to Rhode Island.

Another benefit to my hyper-caffinated state is that it keeps my metabolism running on high. Makes it much easier to keep my weight down. If my heart is pounding a million beats a minute, I'm burning calories like a madman. That's why people take speed. Well. One of the reasons anyway.

Of course there's a downside. There's always a downside to something cool. I've been having this weird tightness in my chest. Duh. Also, I'm having some weird anxiety issues where I think I'm going to die when I go to sleep. I think that is a by product of my dad passing away in his sleep. Having my sister-in-law's stepfather die the same way didn't help this any. It's a weird feeling to be afraid to go to sleep. I feel like I'm in the Nightmare on Elm Street.

On that note, I need to go to sleep now. As I said, I've got to get up kinda early tomorrow to make the big drive up to the Ocean State. I hope I wake up.

It would be funny if I never updated this journal again. You'd never know what happened.