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Most of today was spent waiting. The installer dude for our new enterprise software package came out today to load the guts of the program onto our servers. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the stupidities of software but today I got to marvel at this guys problems. This guy just goes around and does installations of this product on peoples servers. But he told me it's different every time. Can you image that? I've seen this software work. And no, smart guy, not just the sales person showed it to me. I know it works in other companies. I do some homework before committing thousands of dollars of my company's money. The software works once it's installed. But it is the install process that is frightening. The guy keeps getting update CDs and patches sent to him all the time. And the patches from month to month all have different installation requirements. And different default install directories. So that if he did an install from memory up until a new patch was required, he might find that this new patch required his initial install to be in a totally different directory than the last install. That little fact requires him to check every. single. step. on the installation instructions before proceeding. So I basically watched and waited quietly and listened to this guy talk to himself.

Afterwards, I was exhausted. It sounds stupid, but I think everyone is familiar with the concept of being exhausted by doing nothing. Diann and I had plans to go out to dinner again but it turns out that she had to watch her boyfriend's two little girls because he got pulled away for a meeting that evening. Just as well. As much as I'd have liked to hung around with Diann again, it was easy for me to eat a guick dinner and sit in the hotel room and read. Oh, and I played Black and White also. I though I'd like this game but it's not really doing it for me. I'll try it some more but I'm not holding my breath.