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So I'm lazy lately. Sue me. At least I'm giving you something to look at!

Live Fast, Die Young

Aren't these posters great? I mean, look at this one. The sin-steeped story of today's "beat" generation? How could you not walk into a movie like that? I like the way they have the word beat in quotation marks. Even down below those three guys accosting that blonde, the little inset has the word beat in quotes. I also like the command HEAR! That's the way people spoke back then. You could take out the exclamation point and the sentence would make sense. But then you wouldn't be catching people's attention I guess.

Look at that little minx leaning against the lamppost. Or telephone pole. Or whatever that is. She's got the scared, innocent face but she knows how to lean against a post in juuuuuust the right way. Plus she's got that tight sweater combo! And what bad movie poster would be complete without the creepy guy waiting in the shadows. The cheesy mustache, the angle of the hat - you just know that guy's evil! Run! RUUUUN! Run Fast, Die Later!