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Verb In Action

Anyone remember this guy? Yup, he's the guy from Verb, That's What's Happening! That being one of the 46 original Schoolhouse Rock cartoons. That's from my childhood. You know, back during the Civil War? Ok, maybe not that far back. Back in 1972, ABC starting trying to trick kids by inserting short cartoons teaching multiplication in amongst the regular cartoons. A dirty trick if you ask me. Which you didn't. The songs were catchy, the cartoons were fun, you enjoyed watching them. Before you knew it, you knew that six times seven was 42. It wasn't fair. Our little cartoon addicted brains didn't stand a chance.

The first year it was just called Multiplication Rock because they only had songs dealing with numbers. Well they had such a hit on their hands, that they went back can created Grammar Rock, America Rock, (both of these had great songs), Science Rock (crappy), and Money Rock (totally crappy). So let's pretend that they only created the first three. Anyway, you can't tell me that you don't know either Conjunction Junction or I'm Just a Bill.

I'm a little embarrassed to say that the trick still works. I got the Schoolhouse Rock DVD with a Christmas gift certificate. I brought it home and both Jake and Bobby parked themselves next to me to watch these cartoons. And they sat and watched the whole thing. At least I knew when to bail when the crappy ones came on.