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So instead of writing something for you wonderful people last night, I played The Sims. I haven't played The Sims for about a year now. I was playing pretty regularly there for awhile but then interest waned. And waned fast. Can something wane fast? Isn't the act of waning mean a gradual drop? Who cares? Someone got me The Sims Vacation expansion pack when it first came out because they knew I was really into playing the game. But it just so happens that The Sims Vacation expansion pack came out at almost the exact split second that my intrest began to wane. Wane. Wane. What a weird word. Anyway. I never installed the Vacation pack. I hope that the person how got me that isn't reading this.

Right before I left for Rhode Island, I was looking for diversions to stick in my backpack. I tossed in a couple of DVDs and for some reason I grabbed the first three Sims disks (The original, Livin' Large, and House Party). It actually turned out to be just the right thing for a night alone in a hotel. Because it was just interesting enough to pass the time before going to bed. Because even if I'm exhausted from getting up early and driving, I find that I still need to go to bed at my regular time or I wake up at about 3:30 AM, remember that I'm in a hotel and then I can't get back to sleep. So the game occupied my time just adequately enough to keep me going until about 11:00. Conversely, it was the perfect game because I had played it enough in the past that the novelty had worn off so that I could turn it off when it was time to go to bed. Because there have been many nights when the game was new to me that I couldn't turn it off at a decent bedtime. I would be jarred back into reality by the accusing beam of dawn's first light and the realization that I was sitting in my own filth. Ok, not really. Well, once. No. Not really.

So there you have it. The Sims. That was my night. Wheee.