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I don't know what the title of this entry means. I just thought I'd make that clear so you didn't spend the rest of your day trying to figure out what clever thing I was trying to say. 'Cause I know that this site occupies your mind all day.

I'm kind of a hairy guy. Not REALLY hairy. Just enough I guess. Although, disgustingly enough, I'm becoming hairy as I get older. And not in good places. I'm not disgusting (yet). But I do have a somewhat hairy chest and that's what I'm here to talk about today.

Actually, I'm going to talk about a mysterious lack of hair - just in one particular place. I can't figure it out really. There is a band of non-hair on my body between where the beard on my neck ends and where the hair on my chest starts. About two months ago, I noticed that there was an area of missing hair right at the top of my chestal area ("chestal" is the proper medical term, isn't it?). It looks like I made a mistake while shaving, like I was shaving down my neck and just kept going. I don't think I did this though. The weird thing is that I don't really remember what it looked like before that. It's weird how you don't notice something's changed and you try to remember what it was like before the change. There's a lesson in there somewhere. I recommend to all of you that take pictures of yourselves naked from all angles and put them away for future reference. And ladies, if you're worried about keeping them safe and backed up , feel free to send any and all of these "reference" pictures to me. You know, just for safekeeping.

Anyway, there is a definite straight edge to where the bare patch starts and a few tiny hairs in the bare area that look like they are growing back after being shaved. But the thing is, they don't grow back. It isn't filling in. Not for two months. Those little hairs just hang out there. Not growing. It's like there is a infertile section of my body where things don't grow anymore. I have my own personal crop circles. I just don't know what's going on anymore. You can see for yourself what's happening here. You can click both these images to get a larger image. Don't say I didn't warn you. Don't click after eating. Close-ups of lotsa hair growing out of pasty white skin is hazardous to the appetite

Mystery Spot