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I ran for the first time in about a year. As I mentioned here, I am getting a little more serious about getting into some sort of physical fitness. Today was a "nice" day (nice, meaning it actually got above 45F degrees and there was a strange, warm, yellow ball in the sky) so I decided to take the self-improvement thing outdoors. I've been riding the stationary bike for 30 minutes each day so I figured that I could run for 30 minutes. Furthermore, since I used to be able to run an 8 1/2 minute mile, I figured that I would run a little more than 3 miles in that time. Even if I was totally out of shape (which I'm not) I though I could run at least a 9 1/2 minute mile. As luck would have it, the little suburban circle we live on is exactly one half mile around. Well, as might have guessed, I grossly overestimated my physical fitness.

I made my first little lap around the block all happy with myself. I though I was on a pretty good pace. I was feeling fine. I looked at my watch and saw that it took me 5:16 to get around. Oh-oh. That's not good. I just chalked it up as a "warm-up" lap. Nothing to worry about, I just hadn't hit my groove yet. As it turns out, that's the grooviest I would feel for the rest of the run. The next lap was in about 5:27 which put me at just under an 11 minute mile. Yuck. And it only went downhill from there. Actually, I wish it had gone downhill from there - it might have made me run faster. Each lap was getting just a little slower. But since I had gotten into my head that I was going to be able to run 3 miles today, I just kept running until I had finished 6 laps. It took me just under 35 minutes to do it.

On the good side, I wasn't totally wiped out afterwards. I was slow but it didn't kill me to run that distance. Later I realized that this was the first time I have run since having the surgery to straighten out my nose. I didn't notice at first. As I was finishing, I realized that I wasn't totally gasping and gulping for air like I used to do when I ran. I thought it was just an aspect of me being in shape but suddenly figured out that it was because I actually had two open nostrils to breath through now. Then I got depressed because it seems to me that should have enabled me to run faster not slower. Still, I was pretty happy that I got outside and did something. We'll see if I get any faster as the spring and summer arrive.

Oh, and before I forget. Here's that rack I was talking about in the entry title. This is a nice baker's rack with three shelves and a burnt copper finish. This is the small version, there is a larger version available too.

What? Stop looking at me like that.