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Hey! I got my scanner during my "layoff". So yeah.

I really like this poster. I think what I like most is the fact that every time they used the word beat, they had to put it in those single quote marks. I also like Adam Faith, the blond Frankenstein looking so very "vulnerable" as he "gets with it." Another plus for this poster is the names of some of those songs. I Did What You Told Me" and It's Legal must have been winners. Too bad the soundtrack isn't available. And what a coincidence that the producers of this movie were able to get both John Barry and His Orchestra AND the John Berry Seven. But by far, the coolest thing about this movie is that is had CHRISTOPHER friggin' LEE in it! Christopher Lee has made a lot of movies - many of them really, really, bad. In fact, I remember on the Fellowship of the Rings DVD, Ian McKellen was talking about Christopher Lee and how many movies Lee had made. McKellen said that Lee himself would say that a great many of them were not very good.