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Claudine is feeling better. She still has a lot of pain but she has plently of drugs to combat that pain. Plus the knowledge of how best to combine medicines to attack that pain. She's walking some and eating a little. She is sick and tired of being and bed for so many days but is happy to be around he kids. And her husband, I guess.

I was chasing a fast crawling Annabel around the house and at one point she pulled herself up using a table. As she pulled herself up, she pulled down a whole stack of papers and photos. As I was putting the stack back up on the table I came across this gem.

This is Jake's kindergarten class picture. Isn't it a nice collection of smiling faces. Or, if not exactly smiling, at least pleasant faces? Except for that one kid in the back who looks like he is really constipated. There is always one kid in every class picture who looks like there is something terrible wrong with him or her. Well this time, that kid is my son. I am the proud father of that face. I don't know exactly what Jake is doing there but it certainly isn't pretty. And before you all get on me for being the dorky dad who dresses his kid in a tie for school picture day, I want you to know that the tie was his idea. He loves wearing a tie for some reason. That is until this year. He heard a few comments from the other kids in first grade. Little bastards. Most parents have to fight to get their kids to dress up and wear a tie and I had the perfect kid who wanted to wear a tie! Until those loose tounges in first grade started making their catty comments. I'll be lucky to ever get a tie on him again. Anyway, this picture cracks me up every time I look at it so I thought I'd share.

Of course, Jake will kill me for this one day.