Whatchoo lookin' at? Jake's Page

Hi, I'm Jake. My dad gave me these pages for me to play with. I'm five years old. Almost six. So obviously I'm very opinionated about many important things. Like Hershey's is better than NesQuik for chocolate milk. And Superman is better than Batman. And the first series of Pokemon is far and away better than the later seasons.

Anyway. Here's some info about me. I go to kindergarten at the same daycare that my brother Bobby goes to. He's two. And basically a dork. Really. He's always taking my toys. My parents won't let me punch him though. I play soccer and I'm going to play Tee-ball this spring. I like the Simpsons. A lot. I can do a great imitation of Apu. I can't beleeve you doan't shutup! Thank you, come again! You might think that a five year old is too young to be watching the Simpsons but my dad started me watching when I was four, so nyah.

That's all I can think of right now. I'll be adding all sorts of stuff to these pages as time goes by. And as I get older, I'll get snarkier and snarkier. Being around my Dad has given me a excellent glimpse into the world of being a sarcastic geek.