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June 2002


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06/01/2002 Alan v/s The Shed, Part I

06/02/2002 Alan v/s The Shed, Part II

06/03/2002 Business Trip

06/04/2002 Coming Home

06/05/2002 Random, Stupid Things

06/06/2002 Needed: One Clean Desk

06/07/2002 Mr. Science Goes Abroad

06/08/2002 DAX! and a birthday

06/09/2002 Birthday Party

06/10/2002 Trial By Fire

06/11/2002 My Daughter is a Mutant Freak

06/12/2002 Things My Father Taught Me - Part I

06/13/2002 The Mind of a Sports Fan

06/14/2002 Something Clever (Not Really)

06/15/2002 Day of Leisure, Kind of...

06/16/2002 Father's Day

06/17/2002 Out Numbered

06/18/2002 I am Bar Code Aware

06/19/2002 Hot Dogs, Green Grass, All Out At Shea

06/20/2002 Will This Ever End?

06/21/2002 My Son, The Graduate

06/22/2002 Bodily Functions

06/23/2002 Making Faces

06/24/2002 Stuff

06/25/2002 Goin' to the Prom

06/26/2002 Another Trip to RI

06/27/2002 He Won't Get Fooled Again

06/28/2002 Worst. Entry. Ever

06/29/2002 Flat Tire

06/30/2002 Sunday Party