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Getting Back Into Things

Sorry to have been gone for so long.

Lessee, what have I been up to? I seem to have gotten over my sickness. It was not one of those lingering, hanger-on colds. But I barely did any exercise for about a week and a half while recovering. So that sucks.

Work is ok. I finally was able to upgrade that our server from Windows NT to Windows 2000 Server. After all my problems with NT, it went fairly smoothly. Then I brought up our new server (already running Windows 2000 Server) so I could install Exchange 2000 Server. We are a company in the year 2001, but we are just now getting e-mail. I've been at the company almost exactly a year now. One of the first things I wanted to do when I got there was get e-mail up and running. It was not really viewed as a priority. So after much whining on my part, I am finally at the point where I was able to bring up Exchange for the first time today. Right now I am the only employee with an e-mail address ending with the company domain name at the end. By tomorrow, they should all have it.

And of course, I have not been writing here lately. I have been engaging in some debates on the Squishy forums lately. I write about some great topics but I spend so much time crafting my responses, I really don't feel like writing stuff here.

I've been doing some retro reading lately. I've been Amazoning some classic books that I haven't read in a while. One of those books was Ender's Game. My brother lent me that book when I was 21. I'm not trying to attach any significance to that, by the way, just a coincidence that the book came out that year (1985). I reread it a number of times, but somewhere along the way, I lost it. Then I read Ender's Shadow. After that piece of crap, I decided I had to own a copy of the original. One of the things that struck me on this reread, was the use of the "nets". When Peter and Valentine start to craft the Locke and Demosthenes personas, they use the nets to post their opinions and engage in debates. That was kind of a nebulous concept for me when I read about it in 1985. Reading about it in 2001, I am amazed at the similarities between Card's concept of "the nets" and the discussion forums that I take part in (namely the aforementioned Squishy forums and Threeway Action).

Now I am reading The Mote In God's Eye. Again, it has been a long time since I've read this book. I don't know where my original copy is. It was published in 1974. I probably read it circa 1977. It has been so long that I have forgotten large parts of it, so I get to discover it all over again.

Waiting in a an opened Amazon box are the 4 books of the Hitchhiker's Guide "trilogy". I bought these books in hardcover as soon as they were published. but through people borrowing and many moves, I don't have any of them anymore (...hmm, unless they are in my parent's attic). Anyway, after the untimely demise of Douglas Adams, I started to get the urge to read them again.