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Goodbye Pamie... and Thanks for Everything

Well, one of the inspirations for me to start this site has decided to end her site. Pamie has called it quits for Squishy.

I was surprised at how strong of a reaction I had to this news. I read her last entry on Sunday night and actually had trouble getting to sleep because it was on my mind. I woke up twice during the night and thought about it some more. I feel real loss over this non-existent place where I used to hang out. The internet is a weird thing. I have never met Pamie. I have never met any of the people who posted in the Squishy forum. But I will miss them. What is the deal with that? Why do I care about people who are nothing more to me than random text being projected from my monitor onto the back of my eyes?

Squishy was a personal website with a forum. Pamie made it a community. I don't know if she knew she was doing it. It may have taken her by surprise. Pam's website had good writing all the time. We could always count on her writing to be funny, human but most of all, real. And her words touched people. We laughed and cried along with the exploits of a young woman living her life the best way she knew how. Squishy acted like a flame for a number of us internet moths. And she attracted all sorts of people. Mostly women in their late teens and early 20s. But also some guys... some as old as me even. And we read her words everyday. We felt let down on days when there was no update. We discussed her life and lines with our families. We told her jokes and stories with people who had never been on the internet. And we felt pride when we turned on other web surfers to the magic of Squishy. I, like many squishites, made Squishy our first visit everytime we sat down at a computer. She was at the top of everyone's bookmark list. And one day, she gave us a place to meet and talk back. She gave us a forum. Originally it was a greenspun forum. She would put up a forum question related to her daily topic and it was fairly successful. Then she put up a UBB forum on and it became a thing alive.

The forum was our chance to share in the world of Squishy. We had our own language, our own culture. We had cliques, but no bullies. We had debates, but we never argued. We had crushes, but no heartbreak. We had rules, but we felt free. We shared topics and stories that we wouldn't reveal to our families and friends. Pamie gave us our own little corner of the internet and it flourished.

So now it comes to an end. And even though we are sad about Squishy's demise, we know that something wonderful will come from it. For living in Hollywood, is a talented, creative, charismatic, brave, funny young woman who is poised to take her career to the next level. And we will still be proud to be her squishites. Thanks for everything, Pam.