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Vacation is nice. Time off around the holidays are even better. But I'm ready to get back to some sort of normal schedule. I like to have some kind of regimen that I can count on. The past two or three weeks have been anything but regular.

It all really started with Jake starting his Christmas break from school. That meant that someone had to be home all the time. It's a good thing that I work from home now or we would have had to scramble to find some kind of arrangements for him. We most likely would have sent him to the daycare place where we send Annie and Bobby. I saw a few older kids there when dropping them off. Fortunately Jake took to vacation like a champ. Everyday he stayed in his pajamas until I forced him to get dressed, usually somewhere around noon. He sat around watching Cartoon Network, playing his new PlayStation2, or playing his new Gameboy Advance. Yes, we did spoil him at Christmas, thanks for asking. It seemed incredibly slothful, but quite frankly, I would do the same thing if I had the chance these days.

But couple Jake's continuous presence with the younger kid's daycare being closed on the Christmas, New Years and their respective eves and you've got a full house. Further add to that Claudine being on call for the four days immediately following Christmas Day and you've got a time that could be called anything but relaxing. And this was a particularly brutal call. Lotsa babies being born. Lotsa of couples trying to sneak in an extra tax deduction before the end of the year. Pregnant women who are at or after their due date can be "encouraged" to go into labor by a particularly vigorous exam. Or so I'm told. Anyway, Claudine's practice will help nature along to get babies to make an appearance before the ball drops in Times Square.

Anyway, with all that going on, we traveled as a family to various Christmas parties and gift exchanges. On different days, we went to Claudine's mom's house, Claudine's aunt's house, Claudine's work party and my brother's house. But as if the past two weeks weren't weird enough, Annabel has been fighting off a nasty cold. When a 7 month old has a cold, it means one thing to the parents. No, not the tender concern for the health of their infant. I means, you're not getting any sleep.

The other thing that has been out of control this holiday season is the eating. That's kind of to be expected but still I need to rein that back in. I kept telling myself that I wouldn't let myself eat like a maniac but I didn't really listen. I knew that I was eating too much of the wrong stuff but the little voice in the back of my head kept saying, "Go ahead, it's the Christmas season. You're supposed to eat like this over the holidays." Stupid voice. But now that it is January, that little voice has to go back into hibernation until the week before Thanksgiving 2003.

Now it's Sunday night. Jake has a full week of school ahead of him. Claudine only has one night of call this week. The two younger rugrats are accounted for between their daycare and Claudine's mom. Everything is getting back to normal. Because everything revolves around me, you see.