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Psycho Jake

I came across this picture the other day. Jake keeps it in his room. Everyone loves this picture when they first see it. Until I point something out about it. And then they just aren't sure about the picture anymore. Or Jake, for that matter.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks after Annabel came home from the hospital. After being born. You wouldn't think I'd have to clarify that but if I don't I'll get e-mail asking what type of operation she had. Anyway, as a big brother, Jake has been wonderful. He handled Bobby's arrival well when he became a big brother for the first time. And Annie's arrival was no different. This picture represents one of the first times Jake got to hold his new sister. He looks so proud. And yet.... Look again.

Notice the slightly psycho look on his face. Notice the unnatural angle of Annie's head and the color of her face. Yep, it totally looks like he killed her. Even the way the photo is slightly off center in the picture makes it look like a self portrait from a serial killer's scrapbook. Except in this case the serial killer in question is a six year old. I know it is totally wrong of me to say things like this, but I'm only being honest - the picture is a little freaky. Rest assured that Jake really does love his sister.


Put down the phone.

I think it's the eyes.

Brrrrrr, freaky.