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The house we live in was built in the early '70s. While there some nice renovations done to the kitchen, one of the problems that remain is the spot for the oven is relatively narrow. Oh, and another problem is that the oven (an electric oven) hasn't worked right since we've moved in three and a half years ago. It was very intermentent, sometimes working as soon as you turned it on, sometimes working about 10 minutes after you turned it on, and most times not working at all. The upshot of that is that you could never count on it working and therefore were very limited in your dinner choices. Not to mention any type of yummy dessert bakings.

This Christmas season was the final straw for Claudine. Claudine always makes Christmas cookies with her mom and our kids at our house. It was a tradition that started with Jake in the Madison house and she's done it every year. Except this year. This year Claudine packed up the kids and all the cookie making tools and drove up to her mom's house. But before she left, she made it clear that we were getting a new oven. Soon.

I did a little research on electric double wall ovens. And here is what I found. Ovens these days come in 3 basic widths: 24 inch, 27 inch and 30 inch. The oven that came with the house was somewhere around 25 1/2 inches wide. And the place in the wall for the oven was about 26 1/2 inches wide. So obviously we were limited to the 24 inch models. Well, all of the 24 inch models that we looked at were taller than the place in the wall. Long story short, we had to purchase an oven that was both narrower and taller than the spot into which it is going. CRAP!

So this whole process is being done in phases. First we took delivery of the new oven on Tuesday. Then some different people came to disconnect and haul away the old oven. I kind of had to help the guy pulling the oven out of the wall. He didn't realize that the oven had a vent connected to the top that needed to be disconnected. He just pulled out the screws and started tugging at the unit and could figure out why the oven wasn't coming out of the wall. The whole oven installation thing is pretty simple and I probably would have done the whole thing myself if it wasn't for the alterations to the cabinet. Even so, once the oven came out, I started really looking at the construction of the cabinets and the oven enclosure. I figured out a way to do it except for the formica facing that needs to surround the oven it self. I don't have the proper tools to make such a clean cut in that material. Which brings us to the third and final (I hope) phase. Some guy is coming out next Thursday to convert the cabinets enlarging the oven enclosure and then install the oven. We've been without an oven for so long, what's another week?

Old Stinky Oven
New Pretty Oven
Nonstandarized Oven Spot

So I'm thinking that the drawer under the oven will be shrunk a bit.