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So my little girl is crawling. And that means trouble. One of the great things about babies is that you can just put one down and you know that it will still be there when you get back. In your house I mean. You couldn't put one down, say on a bench in the Port Authority building and then expect it to be there when you got back. Annabel, in particular, was great at being left. You could put her down on her back and she'd do that little "turtle-on-its-back" flailing for a few seconds. After that she'd just stare at the ceiling. As she got a little bit older she could flip over onto her stomach but that was still cool 'cause she still couldn't crawl and she wasn't smart enough yet to realize that she could get places by rolling along the floor. Soon after that, she discovered the rolling. And now she's realized how stupid it is to roll every place and she's said "screw it! I'm learning how to crawl!" So now I have to get all the gates down from the attic. Because letting your baby crawl down the stairs is bad. Bad because the screaming and crying can really interfere with hearing what they're saying on the T.V. Oh, and also the baby might get hurt.

Along with the crawling, Annabel is getting to that point where she knows just enough about moving her body to be dangerous. I can't tell you how many times in the past few days she has smacked the back of her head on the floor. She pulls herself up on something and then just hangs there because she doesn't know what to do next. After she gets tired she just lets go. THUD! Waaaaaahhhhh! She doesn't learn though. I think slamming her head on the floor must produce just enough amniesia to make her forget that she fell. Because the next thing you know, she's doing it again.

Anothing thing annoying about the new Mobile AnnieTM is that she thinks she can get out of her crib. I went into her room to get her after her nap and she had pulled herself into a sitting position. She was just sitting there with her hands still on the bars like she was auditioning for Oz or something. I told this to Claudine and she said when she had gone to get her first thing in the morning, Annie was standing in her crib. I just know she's planning an escape. I fixed her though. Little does she know that the base of her crib is adjustable. I dropped it from the highest position to the lowest position today. She's in for a little shock in the morning when she wakes up and discovers that there is no way that she can climb out of her crib. Either that, or she'll be totally freaked out because she'll think she shrunk during the night.