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Trip To Disneyworld, Day 1

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Hi, and welcome to Trip To Disneyworld. This is Day 1. What? You read that already? Well I have to start this entry somehow, don't I? Anyway, the Simpsons are goin' ta Disney!. I mean, um... we're going to Disney. Disneyworld in Orlando. Florida. Just in case you thought we were going to that stupid EuroDisney. Dude, that's like in France. I'm not going to France. Ever.

So yeah. Disney. Claudine and I thought we'd do the cliche family trip. Except we were smart in that we didn't take the whole family. We left Annabel with Claudine's mom. We're not idiots. There is no reason to lug an eight month old baby around that would be there only to slow us down. And cry. And poop. She wouldn't remember it anyway. And that's the good thing about leaving her. We don't get too upset about leaving her, 'cause she won't remember that either.

Jake has a weird kind of break at school this week. When I was in school our breaks followed the calendar week! Jake's school has Friday the 14th off and Monday and Tuesday of next week off as well. They start school again the following Wednesday making for a four day week followed by a three day week. President's Day really throws a monkey wrench into everything, doesn't it? When we saw that weird week when we got the school calendar in September, we figured we could take off a week and have him only miss one day of school. Ok, a day and a half, since I picked him up early today.

In fact, this day has been totally, incredibly normal. Claudine went to work her normal Thursday schedule 7 AM to 12 noon. I dropped Annabel and Bobby off at daycare and then took Jake back to the busstop. Then I ran around like a lunatic with his head cut off (mixed metaphor, anyone?) trying to get all the last minute things done before the car came to pick us up at 1:45. And amazingly, everything went smoothly. Early even. I wish something weird happened because as a journal entry goes, this reads like an itinerey. At 12, I ran around picking members of the family up again. Except Annie. We're not idiots. I even had to pick up Claudine at work because she had her car picked up for service. We got back to the house and the car picking us up pulled into the driveway behind us. There was no traffic on the way to the airport. They were offering curbside check-in at Newark again, praise Jebus. Excuse me, that's Newark Liberty Airport. That's another topic for another day. But we got our boarding passes at the curbside negating any waiting in the cattle chutes trying to check-in with everyone else. Only a small delay at the security checkpoint. Enough time for a leisurely meal at one of the many fine food courts offered by Newark Liberty. We boarded with no problem. We left the gate on time and didn't have to wait in line behind 11 other planes waiting to take-off. I don't get it.

The no-hassle madness continued in Florida. We landed 10 minutes early. It did take awhile to get our luggage at the baggage claim. Perhaps the early curbside check-in got out bags on the plane first so that obviously they would come out last. I know everyone rationalizes crap like that. Who knows what the real reason was? We took a shuttle bus from the airport to the Holiday Inn Family Resort. Those of you without children would just think this location was the lowest pit of hell. Even having kids, I thought I was in some sort of purgetory. It is totally designed for kids. And, as an afterthought, their parents. I'll go into more detail about this hotel later. I just wanted to get checked in and in bed. I wanted the boys in bed. Although to be fair, both boys were pretty well behaved and traveled very well.

This is how the boys pass the time waiting in the airport.