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Day 2 at Disneyworld

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Happy Valentine's Day! There isn't much to say about today. We ran around, went on rides and ate too much food. I have some pictures here. Big accomplishment was Bobby going on his first roller coaster. The results were much more successful than his brother's first coaster. Another minor accomplishement was eating 3/4 of a vanilla ice cream cone. See for some reason, about two weeks before we left for Florida, Bobby got it in his head that he and I were going to share a vanilla ice cream cone. I don't really eat ice cream anymore. I'm almost thin these days. Or at least as thin as I'm gonna get. I very careful about what I eat these days. But I figured that vacation was a good time to let my caloric hair down a bit. However, this was no ordinary cone. The choices on the menu in the darling little ice cream parlour (sponsored by Nestle) was either single cone or double cone. I saw some of the cones going to people ahead of us in line and figured that the cones that obviously had two scoops were the double cones. Well... um, no. Those were the singles. Following the bad math there you can deduce that the double cone actually had four scoops. Bobby did his best but at some point, he looked at me and said, "I just wanna eat the cone now - no more ice cream." So it fell to me to get rid of the now "worthless" vanilla ice cream. So basically, I'm a big fat slob.

Jake's new thing is to get "autographs" from the characters that running around Disneyworld. Which is, of course completely ridiculous. Except to a six year old. To the rest of us, autographs from the costumed characters equates a hastily scrawled name drawn with pen clasped awkwardly in a furry mitten and viewed the the steamy, fogged-up eyesockets (or in some cases, mouth cavity) of a paper-machier headpiece. The fact that these people can write something that even resembles the English language is remarkable. The weird thing is that Jake really isn't interested in "meeting" the character - he just wants the signature. He kind of just walks up with his autograph book and Mickey pen (both of which are sold all over the park) and shoves them at the character. All the while, the character is trying to actually, you know, interact with Jake. "Nope, just sign the book Eeeyore, I've got no time for chit-chat!" Bobby, of course, wants nothing to do with any giant, smelly costume and has to be held while Jake does his thing. What freaked Bobby out even more were the live action characters. We ran into Arial and Cinderella at some character function. Bobby wanted nothing to do with them. As Claudine said, "I think they are a little too real for him."