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Day 3 at Disneyworld

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Hangin' on Main Street U.S.A

Claudine had a good idea last night. We'd take the first bus over to Disneyworld this morning at get in before crowds really get bad. Then we'd come back to the hotel, take a nap, take a swim, eat some dinner. Then go back to Epcot for the evening and fireworks. Actually, writing that sentence makes me realize I've been using terms interchangable here. We're at Disneyworld. But the different parks all have their own names, identity and most importantly, their own brand. And although I knew that there was more than one theme park here, I didn't realize how many of them are all part of Walt Disney World. So when I've been saying that we went over to "Disney", I really mean that we went to The Magic Kingdom. So um, yeah. Was I saying something?

Claudine's idea, oh yeah. We got off the monorail at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom about 20 minutes before the park opened. I thought that this would be a big pain in the ass, but it actually put me in a position to document the raging transvestitism going on at Disney, Magic Kingdom, whatever. Apparently they put on a little show to open the park. The train pulls up to the main gate containing Mickey and a bunch of other characters. One of the characters on this day was Cruella DeVille, the female villain of 101 Dalmations. Well, it was a man, baybee! Unfortunately, these pictures don't show that clearly.

But trust me, either this "cast member" was a raging transvestite and begged to play this part or none of the other female "cast members" wanted to be uglied up for the role. You may notice that I'm not giving any credence to the Disney tradition of calling all their employees by the wonderful term "cast member" I mean, that term is great for the guy inside of Friar Tuck, but I don't think that the guy sweeping up the horse crap in the middle of Main Street U.S.A. feels much like he's playing a part. I think he's collecting his minimum wage and going home to try and scrub the stink off of himself every night. But that's just my opinion.