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Day 5 at Disneyworld

Go on, Go Home!
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Danger Will Robinson! Just when you think that your vacation is going smoothly, BAM you get a big kick in the pants!

Today was MGM Studios. After a 40 minute ride to get to the park, we were good to go. We got there just as the park was opening and that was cool. Because I am a geek, I wanted to go on the Star Tours ride. This is a relatively violent simulation ride that throws you around while pretending to be a space transport caught in the Star Wars rebellion. You have to be a certain height to go on the ride. Jake could go but Bobby couldn't. So I dragged Jake with me while Claudine and Bobby went to the "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" playgound. This was the first time in the vacation that we split up. Just to be a nice guy, I took the backpack containing all our essentials that we've been carring around that parks. Jackets, hats, sunblock, first aid stuff. Did I just say "first aid stuff"? Hmmm, foreshadowing much?

After the Star Tours ride (which Jake was NOT fond of) we set out for the playground. Right outside the entrance to the playground was Claudine sitting on the curb with Bobby draped on her shoulder. As we got closer, I could hear Bobby wailing. Claudine motioned for me to hurry up and get there. As I got closer, I could see that she had her sweatshirt pressed up against Bobby's chin. Claudine took the backpack from me and went into "doctor" mode. She had all sorts of actual "doctor" stuff in her backpack. Stuff that would clean out wounds and closures that would hold wounds together so that, you know, we wouldn't have to take our three year old for stitches. And it was a good thing too because Bobby fell on the playgound and put a nice gash in his chin. As an added bonus, he also bit a big flap into his tongue. Which was really gross. Claudine said that when she first got to Bobby, his mouth was just full of blood. She thought that he might have lost a tooth. While we started (ha, Claudine actually) getting him patched up and calmed down, Claudine and I looked at each other and wordlessly agreed that this was pretty much a fiasco and that the vacation was pretty much in jeopardy here. We didn't know if we needed to go to an emergency room somewhere. Although after we stopped the bleeding it didn't look nearly as bad as it had at first. We carried him over to the first aid building getting him a popsicle on the way (you know, just to numb his tongue) and they gave him a quick dose of Children's Motrin. There wasn't much else they could do that Claudine hadn't already done.

A half hour later, Bobby was normal. Damn kids! They're so resiliant - much more than you think is possible. Bobby was ready to go go go - back out into the park. What he really wanted to do was go back to and show Jake the cool playground he was playing in. The pictures I took don't really do the injuries justice. He'll have a scar on his chin for awhile, maybe forever. And his tongue, just yuck. There's a big divot missing from the edge. A white strip of scar tissue is growing into that space. It's really nasty.

After the horrors of the morning, we went on a few more rides. One of which was the Back Lot Studio Tour. Part of this ride shows how special effects are inserted into a film. So I got to volunteer to be in the scene that was later overlaid into one of the battle scenes from Pearl Harbor. It was corny, but fun.

Afterwards we watched the parade. Bobby had a great time, never really noticing what had happened to him earlier.