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Day 6 at Disneyworld

Go on, Go Home!
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Ah, the last day of our 5-day Park Hopper tickets. It was unanimous - back to the Magic Kingdom for our family. We basically took it easy today. Bobby and Jake wanted to ride the "tea cups" again. The real name of the ride is somelike "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" but the boys didn't care. All they were concerned about was how nauseaous the ride made their mother when their dad spun the tea cup like a maniac. Other that that, we just walked through the park, did some shopping, ate a lot of crap foods and watched the parade. We explored Frontierland, the crappiest of all the lands in the Magic Kingdom. Since Bobby was too small for some of the cooler rides like the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain (and I didn't want to split up again), we did some of the tamer things in the park. Quite frankly, the boys were exhausted from the week so taking it easy was pretty nice. The Park Hopper tickets are a good idea. I've never been at either Disneyworld or Disneyland for more that a day in the past (or any amusement park, really). The high ticket prices make you want to squeeze every minute out of every hour to get "maximum FUN value for your entertainment dollar" (I just made that up and I don't know where it came from). The 5 day thing was much better, much more relaxed.