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Today is our last day in Florida. Today we fly back to what is being called by some people in New Jersey as the Storm of the Decade. And we missed it. We're in shorts at the pool and there is two feet of snow in my driveway and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Except have someone call a snow plow service to clear my driveway. We're supposed to land at 7:09 PM which means we really won't get home until 9:00 PM. I'm not going out at 9:00 at night to shovel 20 inches of snow out of my driveway. Nope, ain't gonna do it. So as much as it galls me, I'm sure I'll be getting an exhorbitant bill for plowing my driveway.

But enough about snow. I mentioned somewhere in Day 1 or 2 of this vacation that the hotel we're staying at is designed exclusively for families. This in not a place where you want to spend your honeymoon. We stayed in what was called "The King Suite". Here it is (Clicking on any of these images will open a hi-res version of the picture. Why you'd want to do that is beyond me.)

This is the main view when you walk in the door.

Slightly different angle of the view from the door. Notice the "kitchen".

Same view except without me and my flash in the picture.

Entertainment center. Note the educational program being viewed.

The spacious dining room and entertainment center. And Bobby.

The "hallway". To the left is the master bedroom, to the right is the kid's bedroom.

Master bedroom. By the looks of the sheets, it looks like Claudine and I had a good time last night. But that's the result of Bobby jumping on the bed. Oh well.

Master bedroom, different view.

Master bedroom, still another different view.

Boys' bedroom. Note the nightmare-inducing artwork.

Nice view of the kid's "entertainment center". Nintendo 64, TV and VCR. All above a pullout bed.

Different view of both entertainment center and really bad wall mural.

Opposite wall in kid's bedroom. Bunk beds. Both have their own light and a speaker that is connected to the TV. The speakers have their own independant volume control.

The view back out of the kid's room into the "hallway" beyond.

Hey, what can I say? It looks weird, but it worked. Claudine and I had our own room with a door that locked. There were TVs all over the place, there were no arguments about what to watch. And this wasn't a special room. This was one of four room designs all specifically designed for families. And every room in the place was one of those four basic designs. And the place was packed so they must have hit on something. It certainly wasn't my most favorite hotel I've ever stayed in but in terms of keeping two adults and two children in a small space from killing each other, it was effective.