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Well, well, well. We had heard about the "Storm of the Decade" hitting the North East while we were frolicking around in shorts and T-shirts in Central Florida. Today we are face to face with the aftermath of that storm. Namely, a five foot high pile of plowed, compacted snow in our driveway. And the $100 plowing bill that goes with it.

It irks me to have had the driveway plowed. We've only had the driveway plowed once before. But that was only because a guy was driving around a day or two after the storm trying to scrounge up some business and quoted me a low ball price. I hadn't shoveled the driveway for two days after this particular snowfall. I never see the point in shoveling as both Claudine and I have four wheel drive vehicles and have never gotten stuck in our driveway. But Claudine's mom does come over two days a week to watch the kids. She comes over in her tiny little car that I don't remember what it is, but I know that it has two wheel drive and not much clearence. Ergo, I went out to clear a path for her the night before she was coming. A man and his plow were out driving around. He stopped and said he'd plow the whole driveway for 25 bucks. Boom, that's a done deal. He gave me his card so that we would call him whenever we needed plowing again. Next snowfall I call him up. There's less snow on the ground this time than the previous time. He wants $75. Damn snowplow pusher! Quotes me a low price to get me hooked and then jacks up the price! I'm no junkie, I can stop with the snowplowing anytime I want! And I did. I was out with a shovel that night.

But back to being irked. I am something of a purist. But a purist about the stupidest things. One of those stupid things is a snow covered driveway. For some reason I think that you should have to shovel your driveway. Having someone plow your driveway is cheating. And don't even think about trying to justify using a snowblower. Cheating. Now, of course, this attitude is complete idiocy. I don't know why I feel this way - I just do. I think it stems from the crotchety old guy syndrome. You know, the "a shovel was good enough when I was a kid" kind of thing.