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For those of you who don't remember my complaint about the 1099 form from ABC , read it now. I'll wait. Go on, I'll be right here.

Ready? Well, vindication is sweet. I e-mailed our contact at ABC to ask if we could get an itemized list of the things on the vacation that totalled $14,000. In the e-mail I outlined what I thought all the items were worth. The woman called me and asked if I could fax them the receipt page from the airline tickets. I said sure I could. But I was wrong. I couldn't get those stupid little card things to feed into the fax machine properly. I could have made a photocopy of them. If I had a copy machine. I decided that I would just scan the two tickets and e-mail them back to her. Except as you know my scanner sucks. I was kind of at a loss until I realized that I could just take a picture of the tickets with the digital camera and e-mail those to her. And so I did.

Three days later, I got an adjusted 1099 form in the mail from ABC. For $1,274.45. Whoo hoo! Go me! I wonder how many other people just blindly accept the tax figures that these companies spew out during these contests?